Moon Newbill is a singer/songwriter/stage wrecker born and raised in Washington, DC . Hailing from a family of musicians and visual artists, creative layers and authentic depth are what define her. She is an Artisan Spirit living a human experience that is the epitome of dancing to the beat of one’s own drum. Moon Newbill is a Black Magic Woman with a smile, voice and laugh that can’t be forgotten. She has a bombastic persona that burrows inside you when you see, hear and feel it. Her 4 octave vocals have been heard in the DMV, Atlanta and NYC tri-state area singing funk, rock, classical, jazz and blues with various eclectic musical units. Moon Newbill is a dynamo on the performance stage who extends her inner passions with gritty no holds barred energy. She has been called “your favorite singers favorite singer” but fascinatingly the “Come Through Mother” EP is her debut solo recorded effort. It has been years in the making because Moon Newbill simply wanted a sound that was undeniably hers. Built around 4 personal songs, "COME THROUGH MOTHER" is a musical vehicle that allows Newbill to navigate a contemporary landscape of language, love and loss.  Singing over a bed of afrofuturistic grooves culled from machines, ambience generators and flesh and bone live musicians, Newbill’s songs deal with feminine God energy(Come Through Mother), reincarnation(HYMN(Is You?)), broken promises(Invisible) and battles against apathy and reactionary thinking(The Table(Shady Pines#Petty)).  The eclectic songs drive equally well on the radio, in the club and in those quiet reflective moments spent with people of like mind.  Newbill’s music reflects her origins in the DC underground alternative rock/soul scene during the early 2000s.  She hails from a highly musical family and was the former lead singer and chief songwriter of the rock band, Uninterrupted.  Unyielding to the oppressive creative constraints often placed on women in the music business, Newbill continued to craft her sound even as her family grew.  Feeling that the global socio-politics of the day demands the voice of women more than ever, Newbill decided that 2018 would be the year when her music would finally COME THROUGH.  Within a 2 year span Moon Newbill graced the  legendary Howard theater stage and the City Winery.  Moon also was nominated for a Washington DC's Musicianship WAMMIE award for her EP "Come through Mother ".  Working on new  gritty, and more funky material for 2020 Moon Newbill is an artist that you definitely want to keep your eye on.