Baby It's Cold and Stank Outside

Good Afternoon Moon Bae's

The Moon is half full today. I spent last night in the studio with my twin brother from another mother Tony "NDigo Rose"Hicks. Hicks or Demarcus, Jontaveous or Jawakatima (We call each other by every name but our given name or created artist name) . Well we were burning the midnight oil and I'm over the top excited about the music that is coming out of "The Garden." A little history about my producer friend and I . I wanted to work with him for a while and have been working with him for a while. However alot of starts and stops because we be emotional creatures suffering from anxiety , life, self confidence or lack thereof , sin, and rebirth . Individually tho. This has been a big ass "Pause" button for us in the past. When we reconvene its always in the dead of winter and I have to record in the freakin cold dungeon of "The Garden" . That has been the only thing that has been consistent LOL.

When I recorded "Come Through Mother" with Boston Fielder ( another producer I really wanted to work with ) I called Rosie and said I finished a project . His response was " Oh really"? "So you did a Denise Williams on me ? " My response .. " Well u was over there acting like Stevie Wonder saying we gon get this done and nothing" LOL. All was forgiven and now we are on the preface of a dope and sexy ass LP. Its organically coming together. The subject matter is just a mixture of conversations, experiences, observations but its sexy as hell and its so damn stank and Funky I cant even cope.

Tony "NDigo Rose" Hicks and Moon

The other element that brings this altogether is my husband Calvin Newbill. He has been my musical collaborator for 20 yrs . Us is like the 3 Muskateers. Calvin is my drummer and husband and his stamp on it always and I do mean always brings cohesion between our crazy ideas and outlandish soundscapes. I can't wait for you all to hear the final project. This project is just as much theirs as it is mine. They define the sound that creates Moon Newbill in this phase of life. So I tip my hat to them .

The Newbills 2019

The Newbills 2002

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