Hit The Ground Running

Hey Moon Bae's

So this year has started off quite nicely. I brought in the new year with family and cleansing. You have to have a clear head in this new decade. I spent my holidays with family, celebrated 3 birthdays ( Capricorns are everywhere!!) and plotted my take over of the world ( In my Pinky and the Brain voice). What I did differently this year was to not make resolutions but to set small goals . I made sure that all preparations were made before the ending of the year like 3 months prior I was already making moves. It has worked in my favor to be more organized.

We have alot coming up this year . I'm so excited but I have to refrain from spilling all the tea . But be sure to check IG and FB for sneak peeks and updates. My first performance of the year is January 25th . I have the honor once again to perform with some really talented individuals to honor the late great Jimi hendrix and Janis Joplin. I'm being billed as Mama Moon ( another moniker I go by) stop by if you have the time.

Until Then I will see u in one of the many phases of the Moon

Moon Newbill

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