Thoughts on Mortality

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Its been 5 months since I last had the opportunity, the inspiration, the energy and the motivation to write another blog. Sigh.... I realize that when I go quiet I am either extremely busy or going through a transition that has gutted me to the core of my being. I come to you today after my 5 month hiatus due to both of these circumstances. Since April I celebrated my 15th wedding anniversary , released a new song, and did my first virtual live performance. Prior to my last post we were just a month into the corona lock down . We were trying to learn how to rest , to be still, to deal with our circumstances without going crazy, getting a divorce or throwing the children out the window (LOL) As a nation we were all adjusting to this new normal . Now we are here. Looking towards a chaotic election, Mother nature correcting the wrongs we as a species has inflicted on her. Now we are here.... In the past week I have been really on path to stillness to understand my purpose on a bigger level. The death of Chadwick Boseman gutted me mainly because 2 days prior I also lost my Grandfather to Congestive heart failure.



Death is never an easy reality to face. However we shall all face it . No matter how much you understand the concept of death its never an easy thing to accept due to our human nature. Both these men in my eyes has fulfilled their purpose in this life and will make powerful Ancestors . Both spiritual , gifted and strong. I often wondered if its just lack of knowledge or a subconscious agreement we have with ourselves as it relates to our purpose. Some of us are aware of what our purpose in this life is but most of us don't. I wonder if we take our time completing our purpose in this life because we fear death. Once your purpose is fulfilled there is nothing else that needs to be done on this side so you must move on to the other side. When you know and you have a spiritual belief system then you should not fear death but most of us do. We get here and we forget the work that we chose to do before we got here . I believe there is life after death. I prepare my children and husband every chance I get . I want them to know and understand my wishes and what needs to be done for them to move forward in the event of my demise here on this earth. My constant prayer is that God grant me a long life. I want a long life with purpose tho. I dont like feeling as if we are just floating on a whim not knowing that we should be kind to others , make art that inspires, help those who are hungry etc.....

Chadwick was purposeful in his art. He showed strength and determination through pain. He loved us as a people. His work proved that . He made others smile and believe in things bigger than ourselves through representation and the portrayal of our icons.

the fact that he never complained, never felt the need to defend other ideas of him as he lost weight . Never showed his anger. Everyone who knew him said he was KIND. how many people can say that about us? He lived until his last breath . He didn't stay at home waiting to die he lived until he couldn't .My condolences go out to his family and my heartfelt thanks to them for sharing him with us.

My grandfather was a Pastor and he helped people based on his faith and love and I just hope and pray that I can do the same thing within my art and my life. I will forever stand on his shoulders to see if I can reach higher heights from now on. Its never too late.

Job well done Gentleman. Ase' May you rest with Ancestors .

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