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Hola Moon Bae's ,

Mother has been terribly busy and really didn't have the opportunity to speak with you all in a minute. So what is up? Well I performed at Songbyrd in the Vinyl Lounge not too long ago . It was an amazing show a family affair and an overall good time. To see what you missed look under the media tab for video. Next up I released my new single "The BP" and it definitely a conversation piece. It is available for download now on all streaming services . U should go get it that .

We also had a fabulous time recording the video for this song The BP . We shot it in the Baltimore Art Warehouse. That should be coming soon . Special thanks to next Level Visions productions for shooting this.

Now I prepare for my New York debut. I was nervous about it at first but I'm starting to get the feel of it. Soul In the Horn is about to experience Moon Newbill and I cant wait. However I know I am going to need major naps and snacks. I haven't been to New York in a few years and the night life is litty. I have to prepare myself for these vibes.

I know I am just listing all the things you may or may not have missed out on . However You know when you are attempting to be productive and you are just exhausted on levels that the human eye cant see because it needs to be felt. I'm So There!!!!. My weekend was packed with family stuff and in an effort to have the stamina and energy for NY. I just embarked on a 7 day cleanse that only involves me eating raw foods. Its day 1 and I'm thru u hear me. I don' want to eat junk or anything its just that I need sleep. Cleansing ain't never been fun ya hear. So please excuse my lack of spunk. I feel like someone has my eyes open with clothes pins because I really want to close them. So in an effort not to go to sleep at my desk I'm gonna check out.

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