Work ,Work, Work , Work , Werk ( When u get what u asked for)

Good Afternoon Moon Bae's . So I almost had a moment ... You know that moment when you feel completely overwhelmed and you begin to run down your to do list but it oddly sounds like you are whining and complaining. Yeah I had that moment. It started on Saturday. I was energized ready to get things done for the day . Request, planning of rehearsals , scheduling videos, prepping for a photo shoot while listening to my daughter talk about Roblox and my older daughter talk about Anime. I was ready . Then I realized that in all my planning and gathering of musicians etc... that my house looked like a tornado. But I couldn't worry about that because I had a photo shoot. I had this red jumpsuit that I couldn't wait to put on. Once I saw the photos I realized that I couldn't really use any of them because I got trigger happy wit the frankincense and Myrrh oil and it ended up all on the sleeves of the jumpsuit. I did get some banging selfie's tho.

So I put Dawn on my jumpsuit called it a bust and said I will try again later. I also work a full time gig as well. Sunday I cleaned my house while reviewing songs . I looked at my calendar today and that's when it happened. I called my husband and started to run down my list and he said . "Babe this is what you asked for right"? My retort was the obvious . "I'm not complaining tho" . In my spirit I knew that was not true. When you pray , meditate etc.. to receive something you cannot believe that the work stops. The work increases . That is how you got to the place you are now. you are seeing the fruits of your labor because when nobody was thinking about fruit last spring you planted your seeds and in the hard winters you took care of that seed . Now its bloomed in to some fresh succulent fruit. What are you going to do ? Somebody has to pick that fruit . The work doesn't end. I took a breath and realized that I am doing just fine . I manage myself . I am building a team and they are great but sometimes that tantrum sneaks up on you . If you feel it, take a step back and breathe. You are doing just fine.


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