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The new single “Drinking Buddies” from the always impressive Moon Newbill will give you an infectious dose of inspiration to let go of the everyday stresses of life and live in the moment with a carefree attitude. This is the perfect song for anyone who needs to take a break from life’s daily grind and just unwind and have some fun


Marcus Machado & Friends Rock The Songbyrd

Moon Newbill and her band opened up the show and performed for approximately 40 minutes. Moon is high energy and a perfect person to get the party started! 

Moon Newbill -The BP 

Singer Moon Newbill traces the nape of your neck and relishes her role as a rock-soul siren on the new single “The BP“ – a sexy seance of a track that finds Newbill letting her lover know just how lucky he is to worship at the alter of her...


Moon Newbill/ Songbyrd Radio

Moon Newbill sits down with Joe Lapin to discuss her upcoming projects.

Grungecake Moon Newbill "Song of the Day" The BP

Moon Newbill wants to not only be your favorite singer, but she wants to be your singer’s favorite singer. With her latest release, she may have won over some...


Moon Newbill/ Soul Conversations

Moon Newbill sits down with DJ YZO and DJ Kimberly Washington to discuss her upcoming projects.

Snack Preview_edited.jpg

Moon Newbill -The BP 

Our supreme “Supreme(!)”, Moon Newbill slinks towards listeners with some sexy, sultry, flirty and fun visions for her newly released video “The BP” – a stirring piece of work that finds the lovely stunner providing a little more weight to her “bomb pXssy” claims.


Moon Newbill -Invisible 

On this blog I find myself at ease using words like “vulnerable”, “exposed”, and “fragile”, but those are words that I rarely use in my real life. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m one of those guys that kind of bottles things up and avoids talking about his feelings. 


On the single “Nola Darling” simmering rock siren Moon Newbill flares with electricity and a spirit of liberation. Funky and sexy in its approach, the single gives us a taste of a boldly stepping Newbill stalking ..


Mama Moon makes UK Debut on Planet Tutu Radio

Mama Moon is in the building!!

This weeks Tutu@2 show is in convo with another fabulously creative . This time hailing from the super creative #bam (Black American Music) world of Washington DC!

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