Moon Newbill- The BP- Single

January 01, 2020

Singer Moon Newbill traces the nape of your neck and relishes her role as a rock-soul siren on the new single “The BP“ ur audience's attention...

Soul Conversations Radio Ep. 191 Moon Newbill Interview

January 21, 2020

The multi talented Moon Newbill visits our show this week, and it was like seeing a family member we haven't seen for a while. Make sure you check her out at Songbyrd Vinyl Lounge 2/8.

Are you a fan of jazz or blues? Do you love listening to music with positive messaging that'll take you on a nostalgic whirlwind? Well look no further and allow Moon Newbill to give you something thats Uniquely her but would resonate with women of all ages. 

Moon Newbill "Invisible " -(Video )

July 02, 2019

On this blog I find myself at ease using words like “vulnerable”, “exposed”, and “fragile”, but those are words that I rarely use in my real life. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m one of those guys that kind of bottles things up and avoids talking about his feelings. Over the years, however, my loving wife and my barely controlled hypertension have taught me that repressing my feelings isn’t a sustainable way to deal with the stresses of life. And as a result I occasionally find myself attempting to “let it all out” when I feel myself holding things back for no good reason. This all relates to Moon Newbill‘s new video for the song “Invisible“ in that something about this song and video really affected me and I now find myself trying to work through what I’m feeling (so bear with me).

Moon Newbill – Come Through Mother [EP]

April 20, 2018

 On  the EP, Come Through Mother, singer Moon Newbill holds the reins of a compelling sound that is steadfast and fearless in its alt-rock leanings while also managing to sound poignant and even a little folksy – even as hard-charging synthesizers & guitars fill listeners’ headspace.......

Review: Moon Newbill shines on debut EP ‘Come Through Mother’

May 08, 2018

“People ask me where I been. Had to put some butta on it”, are the first words from Moon Newbill on her new EP’s first song. If there’s a way to introduce yourself on a track, I’m pretty sure this is the best way to do it......

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